Is Qwire for me?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a composer working on a low budget independent film, a music supervisor working on a prime time episodic series, a music editor on a Hollywood blockbuster, or anything in between Qwire is designed to help you manage the music you work with. It helps you collaborate with others on a production, keeping track of changes to scenes, music cues, and more. It helps you manage your budget. And it helps to prepare cue sheets to send to the PROs. If you work with music, then Qwire is for you.


How can I get Qwire?

Click here, fill out the simple form, and that’s it. A Qwiremaster will get in touch with you.

How much will Qwire cost?

As of this time, Qwire is being funded by major studios and production companies. There is no charge to composers, music supervisors, video editors, music editors, or other studio employees or contractors. Down the road, we are planning on a “freemium” model where certain functionality may only be available for a small additional monthly fee.

What hardware/software do I need to use Qwire?

Qwire can run on any modern Mac or PC with an Internet connection. Qwire requires a copy of Filemaker Pro 13 which can be purchased from Filemaker or directly from Qwire at a discount.

How does Qwire protect my information?

Qwire utilizes secure hosting services to host the application and data, such as Rackspace and Amazon Web Services. Access to Qwire can only be granted by a project’s “superuser”, and there are many levels of security on each project.  Strong passwords are used to further restrict access to the application. Qwire does not host video.



“I want to use Qwire on my next 500 shows!”

- Patrick Ward, Producer (The West Wing, Parenthood, Fringe, Studio 60)