We know that a composer’s job involves far more than writing music. And it begins long before the first note is written. That’s why Qwire is with you every step of the way, providing tools that make it easier for you to stay in a creative mindset.
Share spotting notes and scoring ideas with team Composer Onlymembers. Assign and track tasks. Manage budgets and receive expense feedback in real-time as your creative choices evolve. And eliminate cue sheet errors by capturing music rights information while you work. Contact us and see how it can make your life easier and more productive.

“I would sooner retire than have to go back to working without Qwire. It has made me a happier, more productive, and far less neurotic composer. And to be honest, a calmer father and husband, as well.”

- Jon Ehrlich, Composer (Parenthood, House, About a Boy)

Benefits to Composers:


Enhanced Picture-Integrated Spotting Tools

VideoSpot_smallwbuttonSpot a project anytime, anywhere (your home, your studio, your window seat at 30K feet!) — remote, real-time collaboration is easy in the Qwire cloud. Auto-populate spotting notes with information from the picture editor’s continuity and temp notes. Capture time code with a keystroke while viewing the cut. Assign cue specific tasks to team members, and link cues by story themes. Share spotting notes with your music editor or other team members, while maintaining private notes for yourself.


Multiple Cuts, Multiple Timings, Multiple Options

Multiple-Cuts_SmallQwire provides you the option to have options — timings options, creative approach options, and the option to have Qwire track and organize it all, so you can stay focused and creative.


Story-Links_SmallQwire helps you chart themes, connect story beats, and lay the groundwork for your score. Capture first impressions as you spot, or whenever ideas emerge. StoryLinks is a creative tool that enables composers to mark and specify how different cues are to be thematically linked or connected. Individual StoryLinks can be given names or descriptors providing the flexibility to filter cues by category, which can help organize an approach for composing, orchestrating, recording, or assigning tasks to the score.

Cue Management

Cue-Management_SmallTrack the progress of a cue from birth to delivery with ease. View a snapshot of where you are in the process, at any point, from any angle. Who’s doing what? How many minutes to record? What needs to be revised? Qwire tracks and delivers your comments on assigned work, so there’s no mistaking who said it, when they said it, and what they were saying it about. Qwire organizes and remembers, so you’re not wondering if anything has fallen through the cracks.


Cue Sheet Integration

Cue-Sheet_SmallJust in case you’d like your royalty checks paid faster and more accurately…
It’s safe to say that we’ve all opened up our statements and felt the burden of wanting to verify their accuracy. Knowing that most likely there are mistakes, but that finding them will be like taking on a second and third job. Capturing rights information as cues are assigned and executed helps Qwire bypass manual cue sheet preparation errors and delays (which currently hold up payments as much as a year or more!). Clean, accurate rights information auto-populates the final, submitted cue sheet which can be electronically submitted to the PROs.

Automated Communications

Automated-Communications_SmallGenerate custom reports and correspondence and send to select team members with the single press of a button, upon completing a session or a project, or as information is updated in Qwire. One click and a flurry of correspondence is assembled and dispatched. Easy! As easy as it is for you to have forgotten to tell your bookkeeper to send an invoice when the episode is completed, or the contractor to file the musicians contract, or your agent to submit paperwork. Or any of the other things you’re liable to forget to do in the heat of battle. Qwire saves you time, lowers your stress level and raises your quality of life.

Integrated Budgeting, Accounting & Reporting

Budgeting_SmallYour budget is inextricably linked to your creative choices. Qwire goes beyond the spreadsheet, by giving composers specific tools to plan and track budgets, easily calculate a variety of complex payouts, and then generate and automate distribution of custom reports for invoicing, payroll, musician contracts, etc.

Privacy & Sharing

TMI! Just because you’re working closely with your team doesn’t mean you want them to see you. Qwire is a set of integrated modules that maintains individual user workspace security and integrity. With custom privacy preferences, you see only what you need to and share only what you want to. You are in control of who sees what and when they see it.

In the Works

Task Assignment Tool: the ability to create any task or grouping of tasks (solo violin, string section, orchestrate, record, order lunch, etc.), assign them to a contact (i.e. musician, orchestrator, mix engineer, contractor, orchestra, copyist, assistant, masseuse, anyone really…), and designate expense, fee formula, or rights ownership attributes to them. This tool’s integration with cue sheets, musician’s contracts, payroll reports, session record lists, etc., will create incredible opportunities for streamlining music production scheduling, and maximizing budgets, along with enabling easy, automated assignment of rights ownership and the generation of payroll reports. 

“Qwire cleans up the current mess right out of the gate while having a smart vision for where the industry is going. We’ve seen a lot of attempts at this sort of thing over the years and no one has approached it the way you guys have.”

- Dennis Lord, EVP, SESAC