Music Editors

Music Editor OnlyWe know that a music editor’s work depends on good data from everyone in the chain. Qwire has what you need before you’ve even thought to ask for it.
How great would it be if you didn’t have to conduct an inquisition to collect music rights info — if it just magically and accurately populated the cue sheet as the project was completed? How cool would it be if you could begin your spotting sessions with the notes formatted and largely pre-populated with data from the editor’s continuity? How amazing would it be if you could capture time code ins and outs with a keystroke — without ever having to retrieve and then enter time code manually? Contact us to find out how it can make you a happier, more effective manager of the music process.  

“Qwire is a place where everybody involved with post and music is in constant, seamless, clutter-free collaboration. And that’s half of my job.”

- Mike Baber, Music Editor (House, White Collar, The Walking Dead)


Benefits to Music Editors:


Enhanced Picture-Integrated Spotting Tools

Integrated_Spot_Tools_SmallSpot a project anytime, anywhere (from your home, the edit room, your window seat at 30K feet!) — remote, real-time collaboration is easy in the Qwire cloud. Auto-populate spotting notes with information from the picture editor’s continuity and temp notes, freeing you to focus on critical creative discussions. Capture time code with a keystroke as you view the cut. Effortlessly, share spotting information with your composer, music super, picture editor and other Qwire users.

View Filters

View_Filters_SmallKeep it simple! See only what you want to see. With Qwire filters, you can arrange an individualized view to simplify and streamline your workflow.


Temp Made Easier — w/ Searchable Keywords & Descriptors

Temp_Easier_SmallNothing has a greater impact on what is ultimately composed and licensed for a project than temp. So much rides on getting the temp right, and getting it right yesterday. Yet all too often you are scrambling to pull the best temp cues, because you have almost nothing to go on. Here’s where Qwire does what Qwire does best…


Take the case of Qwire’s StoryLinks tool. Linking cues by story themes helps the composer outline a scoring approach. But having those descriptors forever associated with the cue, makes it easier for everyone else to instantly locate the right temp cue. 


Additionally, Qwire dresses every cue with layers of contextual data: character info, scene descriptions, dramatic category keywords (suspense, action, relationship, etc.). Search/filter cues by any metric, including themes, orchestration, characters, project, etc. It’s not hard to see how much more time you’ll have, to be doing something other than browsing faceless, nameless audio files.


Communication & Cue Management

Comm_Cue_Management_SmallNo need to interrupt the composer for a cue status update — Qwire has it. No sense bothering music supervision or post with licensing, temp or cut questions — Qwire gives the music editor a window into the post-production process. Tools like the scene-to-cue translator simplify communication and eliminate errors and confusion. Qwire records and tracks comments, so there’s no mistaking who said it, when they said it, and what they were saying it about. Qwire organizes and remembers, so you’re not wondering if anything has fallen through the cracks. 
Answers…anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Cuts, Multiple Timings, Multiple Options

Multi_Cuts_SmallThere is an assortment of Qwire features that help you manage the inevitable headache of tracking multiple cuts and alternate timings. Qwire’s offset calculator makes cue offsets a breeze to calculate as the cut changes, saving hours of painstaking forensic analysis. Across the board, Qwire provides you the option to have options — timings options, creative approach options, and the option to have Qwire track and organize it all for you.


Automated notifications are easy to set up as reminders to yourself or others on your team. Notifications will also allow you to automatically send custom reports as email attachments.

Cue Sheet Integration

Cue_Sheet_Integration_SmallWhen it comes to cue sheet preparation, Qwire replaces “the long and winding road” with “a ticket to ride!”


Why are we endlessly re-inputting data that already exists somewhere else? Qwire captures music-rights information and timings at the source as cues develop, from assignment to creation to final placement. Licensed tracks, as well, flow directly to the cue sheet. Qwire eliminates the need to go back, gather stale data and manually re-format it, greatly reducing cue sheet preparation errors and delays. More importantly, Qwire gives something precious back to you. The many lost hours of mind-numbing data entry — a relentless current of names, numbers, ASCAPs and BMIs.


Instead, clean, accurate rights information auto-populates the final, submitted cue sheet which can be electronically submitted to the PROs.

Privacy & Sharing

TMI! Just because you’re working closely with your team doesn’t mean you want them to see you. Qwire is a set of integrated modules that maintains individual user workspace security and integrity. With custom privacy preferences, you see only what you need to and share only what you want to. You are in control of who sees what and when they see it.

“This is ridiculous! So cool!
There’s no way I’m going to want to live without it.” !

- Troy Hardy, Music Editor (CSI, Entourage, About a Boy)