Music Supervisors & Clearance

Music Supervisor OnlyWe know that music supervisors and clearance departments are in constant triage mode. Deadlines are getting tighter, cuts aren’t locking, the breadth of music available is exponentially growing, with much of the growth in the “improperly-registered-with-the-PROs” (or not at all registered) sector. The internet is making it easy for directors, editors, producers & executives to hurl music at you from all corners of the world. Did you email the latest list of approved songs to the picture editor? Have you generated last week’s episode’s budget for the studio that they keep asking for (or the one from 2 months ago)? Did you follow up with that rights owner who has 2% on the song that everyone loves, but is holding up the entire project?

“Qwire generates letters, reports and cue sheet information with one click and saves us so much time.”

- Alexandra Patsavas Rosenfeld, Music Supervisor (Designated Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, How to Get Away With Murder)


Fire after fire after fire.


All you can do is respond to a perpetually replenishing line of emergencies. And if all you can do is respond to emergencies then you don’t have any bandwidth to dream or imagine or just stay organizedIt’s more important than ever that you have a single location to keep everything you’re tracking. A place where you’ll never wonder which information, correspondence, or creative input is current. A place where sharing ideas and music is immediate, simple, clean, and effortless. Contact us.


Benefits to Music Supervisors & Clearance:



Audio/Video Integration


You have been underserved by technology for far too long. Your needs are are unique and specific and the tools that are otherwise available to you are grossly ill-suited to the task.


Everyone else — composers, music editors, and picture editors — have video tools that integrate with their work flow. Why don’t you? Qwire enables you to see how something works against picture — to effortlessly play song options up against a scene, with 3 independent audio controls for the dialog, temp music, and the song you are pitching. Now, instead of sharing mp3’s with production by email or FTP, and trusting that they’ll be viewed to the right scene, the right cut, or seen to picture at all, Qwire gives you the ability to designate tracks to be shared to picture, precisely as you lined them up, with the audio levels that you set, so you can know that it was viewed as you intended. It’s like sending multiple Quicktimes without ever having to create a single one. 


Qwire allows you to  keep the song file and its data together in a single song record. Never a question which song you’re dealing with, because hearing the mp3 is less than a hop, skip and a click away. And Qwire’s batch upload of song selects makes your life easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Point Qwire to a folder of tracks, however many, and they’re uploaded to the Qwire cloud with a single command. Tracks retain titles and all metadata is captured and forever associated with that song.


Greatly Improved Communication & Collaboration

For starters, you’ll never have to re-enter info that already exists — notes, timings, and comments from the picture editor’s continuity, the music editor’s spotting, cue numbers, temp tracks, rights owners, splits, etc. auto-populate your views. Scene descriptions from production auto-populate your quote request letters (while remaining independently editable or expandable). The moment you mark a song as un-clearable, production is notified. The moment you list alternate songs for review, they appear on the post-production dashboard. Share the song options you want, when you want. Load up a song bin with 100 tracks, and only share 3 — keep the other 97 in your back pocket.
There’s never a need to go back, retrace your steps, gather, and provide the music editor with cue sheet info. All along, Qwire has been assembling it for you. When you’re ready, a single click populates the cue sheet with the rights info from all of your licensed tracks. All of this happens under the Qwire hood — all things that will save you more than a few trips to your inbox or voicemail.
With Qwire, the moment an episode’s list of music is cleared for air the studio can get the report, rather than waiting weeks for data to be painstakingly re-assembled from emails, handwritten notes, and internal docs, then re-entered into the studio’s prescribed format, and delivered as a separate report. With a single click, have your license report ready to go, the instant the music is cleared for air or release. It does you no good if you were hoping to reallocate budget resources for your next 3 shows, but the license report is submitted when it’s too late to do anything about it. Qwire gives you the tools to communicate what you want, when you want, with custom reports to help you support your position and achieve your goals.
No matter how many projects from however many studios, with however many different protocols, with Qwire you only have to remember one workflow.

Color Coded Progress Tracking


MFN? Blanket license? One-stop? Qwire tracks it all. Creative feedback, letters from rights owners, which tracks are ready for air, which are un-clearable. These are some of the other things that are easy to track and simple to view in Qwire — intuitively laid out in Qwire’s license dashboard.
Have options without the chaos. Qwire can track multiple license options for the same scene, simultaneously. Whether production can’t make up their minds or you simply don’t know which songs will clear in time, Qwire has you covered.
At any given moment, with all of the balls you have in the air, how can you know in a glance where everything’s at? Did you send a quote request? A license request? Have you received your approvals? Did you clear the right version of the song? And, by the way, where is it? Do you have all of the rights & ownership info? Does it add up to 100%? Has the length of this song changed in the cut? Does it match the length it was cleared for? Did production somehow change the song when you weren’t looking?! Is this license ready to be cleared for air? What’s still missing?
Qwire, happily and effortlessly, knows the answers to all of these questions, allowing you to happily and effortlessly forget any or all of it as often as you like. And once you have confirmed that a song is cleared for air, one click communicates that fact to everyone who you’ve decided needs to know. No confusion. No misunderstandings.

Custom Quote & License Request Templating

Quote_Request_SmallWhat if there were an easy way to create customizable quote and license request templates, as well as confirmations, with your legal department’s language (or the required language of a given publisher)? What if those custom templates allowed for flexible, dynamic tags that change with the song you’re attempting to clear — song title, artist, duration, scene description, show number, recipient? And, what if you could link those letters to a corresponding contact, so that the correct custom template popped up every time you needed to reach out to that publisher or artist?
Qwire makes it so.
Highly specific for the needs of music supers and clearance departments, custom letter generation in tandem with Qwire’s project independent contact list is a very happy thing. Guaranteed to paint a big smile (or emotional teardrop) on your face the first time you generate a request. Switch out letterheads and logos at will — the show logo, the studio logo, your company’s logo. Info from the song and the specific use auto-populates the letter. Tweak if you need to; add an electronic signature; click and send from within Qwire! You’ll never have to think about who needs to get what in which format again. Qwire remembers, organizes, tracks, and places a record of the letter in the song record’s bin, along with the corresponding media and anything else pertaining to that license.

Auto-populate & Calculate Rights Info & Licensing Fees

Auto_Populate_SmallEveryone has had the nightmare song that has 20 publishers with crazy splits. Qwire makes sure that it all adds up to 100% and that the licensing pie is divvied up accordingly.
There’s never a need to go back, retrace your steps, gather, and provide the music editor with cue sheet info. All along, Qwire has been assembling it for you — collecting and calculating. When you’re ready, a single click populates the cue sheet with the rights info from all of your licensed tracks.
But first you need to acquire the correct rights/ownership info. As you know, that can be like chasing 4 rabbits running in 4 different directions. The good news is that you won’t have to if anyone else has managed to track those rabbits down. Because Qwire has a really good memory.
Qwire is in a constant state of rights data ingestion. Like a happy Pac-man, Qwire gobbles up every piece of rights information it comes in contact with — aggregating, organizing, verifying, and remembering. Unlike your sticky notes and word docs, Qwire cannot be misplaced. And, unlike the mountains of stickies and docs generated by everyone else across the music admin-osphere, Qwire is a shared repository — if someone else has captured it, then so have you.

Integrated Storage Bins & Media Integration

Storage_Bin_SmallJust click and drag the hi-res wav or aif file right into the song’s “final mix” bin and the music editor has it waiting for him when he goes to assemble the elements. No FTP’s, no logins and passwords to remember, just the right mix of the right song, in the right place, married to its corresponding metadata and rights information.
For safe keeping and easy recall, place any file related to the licensing of a given song in its associated storage bin. You could put anything at all in the bin. You could put your grocery list. Or you could put things like signed quote requests, lyric sheets, mp3s of demos or alternate mixes, etc…

Reporting & Archiving

At any point in the process, take a snapshot and send a license report to wherever it needs to go. Create a variety of reports, simply and quickly. Save yourself the email chain or voicemail exchange. Know that Qwire will assemble and deliver an accurate, complete summary.
Final_Report_SmallAnd when the project is completed, Qwire gathers all of the elements for archive and delivery — the request letters, the license summary, all of the ownership info, and the corresponding media — and places it into a folder on your desktop to deliver to the studio/production. It creates a complete deliverables package, and all you did was click “create final package.” One button. One step. You just freed up your entire afternoon.

Privacy & Sharing

TMI! Just because you’re working closely with your team doesn’t mean you want them to see you. Qwire is a set of integrated modules that maintains individual user workspace security and integrity. With custom privacy preferences, you see only what you need to and share only what you want to. You are in control of who sees what and when they see it.

“If you’re interested in increased productivity and efficiency, you should be looking at Qwire. Quote requests go out in seconds, previously tedious confirmation letters are breezy. Spend more time on the creative part of your project and less on the paperwork!”

- Tricia Halloran, Music Supervisor(Casual, Castle, X-Files)