Picture Editors & Post

We know that picture editors have a tremendous impact on music. First impressions speak loudly in the world of music to picture, and the picture editor is almost always first to the party. It may not be in your job description, but for better or for worse, you are often judged as much on temp music as you are on the cut. And yet, somehow you’ve had to drive the music bus blindfolded. That’s about to end. Qwire has arrived with a busload of help for the picture editor.


“Qwire saves me more than a half day on music temping alone.”

- Chris Brookshire, Video Editor (House, Covert Affairs, Law & Order)

Qwire makes it easy for you to share ideas with project collaborators in real-time, automate and streamline updates to the continuity. Its suite of integrated modules allows you to benefit from information that Qwire has captured from other users, like licensing status from the music super, or cue descriptors from composers and music editors (enabling efficient temp searches). As Qwire captures, crosschecks, and refines data, it simplifies your workflow, eliminating redundancies and errors. Contact us to see how it can make you a happier bus driver.


Benefits for Picture Editors & Post:


Simplified & Dynamic Continuity

Continuity_SmallEdits are in a constant state of flux. Keeping track of those changes can be stressful. Remembering where each updated version of the continuity report is and who has which “saved as” file can be messy, confusing, and inbox crushing. It’s time to step out of those muddy boots and levitate into the Qwire cloud. Qwire automates and streamlines updates to the continuity, eliminating repetitive tasks and data re-entry, saving valuable time. Qwire provides a set of continuity tools and features that make it uniquely flexible, intuitive, and collaborative.


The Qwire continuity is a living, breathing, dynamic system, that changes as the cut evolves. As scenes are chopped up and slid across acts, running time totals for acts, and the cut overall, are automatically re-calculated. The continuity is always current, accessible, and viewable. No longer a fixed report, the Qwire continuity nonetheless enables you to create and send snapshot reports at any point in the process.


The continuity never stops evolving. It continues to gain context as other users engage Qwire — cue numbers, as an example, auto-populate the continuity as they are generated in the spotting view, eliminating the confusing and time-honored practice of not knowing which scenes go with which cues.


Preview Selects from the Music Supervisor

Preview_Selects_SmallQwire’s dynamic continuity does many things that a printed report can’t — like previewing and downloading song selects from the music supervisor. 🙂  In addition to receiving real-time notification that a song may not clear (thus averting a cut output with un-clearable music!) or the creative direction may have changed, Qwire makes the exchange of ideas and music selects both simple and effortless. Qwire provides intuitive tools for the music super to organize and assemble song selects for a scene, and then makes it even easier for you to preview them as intended.


Macro Views for Editorial/Post Producer

Macro_View_SmallEver wish you had an easy way to track multiple edits — create a macro view of where everything’s at in post? A custom view across multiple episodes? Status, expenses, cut lengths, etc.? Having the ability to peer into every corner of post saves you from the phone call or the email or the feeling that you don’t know, what you should know.


And even if you haven’t wished for it… it’s here.


Temp Made Easier - w/Searchable Keywords & Descriptors

Temp_Easier_SmallNothing has a greater impact on what is ultimately composed and licensed for a project than temp. So much rides on getting the temp right, and getting it right yesterday. Yet all too often picture editors are selecting temp music in the dark. Here’s where Qwire does what Qwire does best…


Qwire’s StoryLinks tool helps composers connect cues by themes and outlines the architecture for their current score. While this is clearly a benefit to the composer, having those thematic descriptors forever associated with those individual cues has the unseen future benefit of making it easier for you to instantly locate the right cue for temping.


Additionally, Qwire dresses every cue with layers of contextual data: character info, scene descriptions, dramatic category keywords (suspense, action, relationship, etc.). Search/filter cues by any metric, including themes, orchestration, characters, project, etc. It’s not hard to see how much more time you’ll have, to be doing something other than browsing faceless, nameless audio files.


Communication & Cue Management

Communication_SmallNo need to interrupt the composer or music editor for a cue status update — Qwire has it. No sense bothering music supervision with clearance questions — Qwire gives editorial a window into music licensing. Tools like the scene-to-cue translator simplify communication and eliminate errors and confusion. The days of watching the wrong cue to the wrong scene are gone. Qwire also records and tracks comments, so there’s no mistaking who said it, when they said it, and what they were saying it about. Qwire organizes and remembers, so you’re not wondering if anything has fallen through the cracks. 
Answers…anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Cuts, Multiple Timings, Multiple Options

There are an assortment of Qwire features that help you manage the inevitable headache of tracking multiple cuts and alternate timings. Across the board, Qwire provides you the option to have options — timings options, creative approach options, and the option to have Qwire track and organize it all for you.

Privacy & Sharing

TMI! Just because you’re working closely with your team doesn’t mean you want them to see you. Qwire is a set of integrated modules that maintains individual user workspace security and integrity. With custom privacy preferences, you see only what you need to and share only what you want to. You are in control of who sees what and when they see it.

“I want to use Qwire on my next 500 shows!”

- Patrick Ward, Producer (Pure Genius, Parenthood, The West Wing)