Production Studios

Every department, every team member, across every production is pedaling with multiple balls in the air, all day long. But there’s a degree of difficulty that exists on a whole other level. The production studio is juggling the jugglers, who are spread out across a twenty-ring circus. 

Unless you’re a highly coordinated octopus, you probably could use some help keeping track of all of those balls – information, ideas, and content that are in constant flux, from multiple departments, on multiple projects, with multiple episodes, that have multiple cuts. Contact us – it’s what you’ve been waiting for.


Benefits for Production Studios:


Improved Data Sharing

Qwire facilitates communication and data sharing across all departments so that you and your team can focus on content — not cataloging and reporting. Qwire’s foundation is built on tools that streamline workflow, while capturing critical data, in every case from the best possible source – those with the best understanding of and the greatest stake in its accuracy.

Real Time Reporting

At the production studio level, Qwire provides you easy access to configurations and summaries of data that are current and relevant. The days of waiting weeks for information to be painstakingly re-assembled from emails, handwritten notes, and internal docs, then re-entered into a different format, are over. There’s no need to hound people for the latest version of the report you needed days ago. Qwire has everyone on the same page. With Qwire, you can get up-to-the-minute reports with real-time, accurate data, including continuity reports, MLRs, licensed music budget versus actual, and more. You’re no longer looking at pages of separate reports containing disembodied data. Qwire provides you creative, contextual, meaningful views in real-time.

Expedited Cue Sheets

Since Qwire has been capturing information along the way, expedited and accurate cue sheets are ready prior to broadcast. You can even submit the cue sheets electronically directly from Qwire, bypassing the messy logjam that can hold up royalty payments for 6 to 12 months or beyond.

Instant Archiving

When your project is finished, one push of Qwire’s Archive Project button and you have a complete and consolidated record of all of your music assets, along with all of their contextual metadata.


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“Qwire is our secret weapon.”

- Nick Pavonetti, Post Producer (This Is Us, Pitch, Galavant)