A smart collaborative platform for streamlining music to picture workflow.

Who is Qwire for?

For everyone who works with and around “music to picture,” spanning pre-production, production, post, and music clearance & administration, Qwire is the cloud collaboration platform that helps us all stay on the same page. With a suite of integrated, user specific modules, Qwire maintains individual workspace integrity, while advancing convenience and efficiency. Create in peace and work in harmony.

What can Qwire do?

Qwire simplifies communication across production, effortlessly capturing and managing critical data and ideas. Qwire creates a dynamic, interactive editorial continuity, streamlines music licensing, enables picture-integrated spotting and auditioning, manages and tracks real-time budgets, creates music licensing reports in one click and automates cue sheet prep and delivery.

Who is using Qwire?

Qwire is currently being used by production teams on leading TV series and films, more every day. Chances are, one of your favorites is already using it! Qwire is used by music supervisors, composers, music editors, picture editors, production studios…well, you get the picture.

• Elementary

• Designated Survivor

• Homeland

• 24 Legacy

• Animal Kingdom

• Shameless

• Pitch

• This Is Us

• Grey’s Anatomy

• Lucifer

• The Catch

• Scandal

• The X-Files

• Casual

• Still Star-Crossed

• The Geeks

• Incubus

• Jackal

• Fargo

• Ingrid Goes West

• We Have Always
Lived in the Castle

• People of Earth

• Legion

• Harley & The Davidsons

• One Last Thing

• Tully

• Krystal

• & more!

Who we are.

More than likely, we are you. Qwire was designed and built by people who work with music to picture as a way of making our lives and the work we do better. READ MORE…

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“I want to use Qwire on my next 500 shows!”

- Patrick Ward, Producer (Pure Genius, Parenthood, The West Wing)