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the most advanced solution for music clearance and licensing

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the next generation cue sheet reporting and management tool

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a single source for identifying music ownership and related metadata

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qwireClear puts everything you need to clear and license music at your fingertips, giving you instant access to rights information, budgets, and clearance status while streamlining and automating letter generation and reporting.

  • View all current films, TV episodes, marketing campaigns, and other projects with real-time budget and status information.
  • Instantly generate and send clearance letters.
  • Manage rights across multiple media types, territories, and terms.
  • Store and recall current and historical information about any song from any project.

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qwireCue dramatically improves the process of creating, importing, editing, managing, and submitting music cue sheets.

  • Store and recall current and historical cue sheets by project (e.g. film, TV episode), air date, status, and more. Find all instances of a song across multiple cue sheets.
  • Create a cue sheet by importing almost any spreadsheet format. Easily create cue sheets for new episodes of a TV series.
  • Easily add, edit, and delete cues. Create writer/publisher "favorites" and assign them to multiple cues with a single click.

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qwireTracks provides a single source for up-to-date and accurate licensor and copyright information about songs, sound effects, and library tracks needed for music licensing and reporting.

  • Identifying music rights is an extremely time consuming process fraught with errors that can result in licensing delays and even litigation.
  • Find the most timely and accurate ownership information and metadata sourced from Qwire's clients.
  • Instantly copy music rights holder information to a track being licensed or a cue on a cue sheet.

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